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The evaporative air cooler is made up of special big-size-surface paper texture corrugated and cooling pad in the shape of the honeycomb, energy-efficient fan, water circulation system



◆Reasonable hydra cone-type design, low noise, big air volume, strong ventilation strength which with low operating cost; ◆Inlet bearing, high strength, low noise and durability, ◆Adopts air forward flow principle composite pvc shutter or aluminum shutter with antioxidant, light-weight, no deformation, easy closing and opening, prevent backflow of air, ◆Six pieces of thickening fan blades, no deformation, no breaking, elegant appearance and durability,



The corrugated paper of the wetted pad has been treated in a special processing, it has high structural strength, abrasion resistance and good durability, and good osmotic water absorption ensures water could wet the whole wetted pad wall uniformly. Specific three-dimensional structure of space provides the evaporation surface area for heating exchanging between water and air. The aluminum alloy and galvanized sheet are available for the frame


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- We are such a professional temperature control enterprise which consists of the services of design, manufacturing, installation, sales,
- We have our own factory with various products and efficient service.
- Eliminating the extra part of distributors and providing more profit for our customers


- Copper Wire Motor
- PP New Material Case
- Jiamusi Drapery of 10 CM thickness
- High Density Dust Mesh
- Metal Bracket Blade


- The ventilation coolers made by our company is characterized by energy saving, human nature, artistic, and environmental protection. They provide solutions to the industries like electronics, textiles, footwear, plastics, machinery workshops, cigarette factories, modern homes, offices, supermarkets, hospitals, casinos, waiting rooms, etc. Ventilation cooling provides a solution


We have an experienced teaching team No matter how big the project is , we will offer you a customized plan, good product and excellent service at a lower price in a short time.

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Weifang Yinuo Farming Technology Co., Ltd.is located in Qingzhou, one of the ancient states in the east Our company is on the east of Weifang, the international city known for its kites, it is on the west of Zibo, porcelain capital, in Jiangbei district, enjoying a unique geographical location. Jinan-Qingdao Expressway, National Highway 309, high-Speed Railway cross the east and the west , Qingken Road and Donghong Expressway run through the north and south. The highways and railways crisscross with each other in all directions. The transportation is very convenient, which lays a good foundation for the development of our company.

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Evaporative air cooler

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